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Thrusts, Philosophy and Desired Outcomes

Strategic Thrusts

Nurturing confident and critical learners.

Cultivating life-long competencies and values

Developing staff capacity to deliver quality education and service.

Collaborating with school partners to enrich school experiences.

Philosophy of Education

Every child is unique and valuable

Every student can achieve success

Every staff makes a difference

We develop each student according to his/her abilities

We inculcate values, good habits and life-long skills

We nurture life-long learners and caring citizens and work with stakeholders to build a learning community

Desired Outcomes

At the end of their secondary education, students should:

Take responsibility for their own learning, be creative with an inquiring mind

Be physically fit, enjoy physical activities for a healthy lifestyle

Appreciate the Visual and Performing Arts

Have moral integrity, believe in their abilities, are adaptable to change and have a sense of national identity

Work effectively in teams, are innovative and strive for excellence

Know themselves, think independently and are satisfied with the school