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The Editorial Club aims to unleash creative as well as critical thinking skills in the students - in both language and photography. The Club will serve as a platform for members to apply the language and photographic skills that they have learnt in the creation of the online ‘Queens Heartbeat’ publication.

The mission of the club is to allow students the freedom to express themselves in a manner that is respectful, thoughtful, and accepted.  It gives students a voice to express themselves in photography and writing skills through genres such as narrative, exposition and journalism. It also allows members to monitor the content to ensure appropriateness and relevance.
Furthermore, it has the mission of creating discerning and concerned citizens who take an interest in things and events happening around them. This means the opportunity to connect people to each other in ways they never knew. Everyone has a story, but not every story is told or known. Thus, this helps develop networking facilities among the student community.

To inculcate interpersonal relationships and teamwork in students.
To cultivate students’ communication skills in writing and photography. 
To equip students with problem solving skills. 
To develop leadership skills in students.