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Chinese Dance

The aim of QSS Chinese Dance is to develop a passion in Chinese Dance and realising each member's full potential. The Chinese Dance troupe also inculcates responsibility and nurtures resilience through various opportunities and platforms for creative expression.
  1. Cultivate deep appreciation and passion in members towards Chinese dance and Chinese contemporary dance
  2. Nurture a strong sense of discipline, responsibility and diligence in members
  3. Enhance team bonding, commitment and well-being of members
  4. Develop leadership skills in members and strive to sustain excellence

Achieve Certificate of Distinction in SYF 2018 / 2019
Participate in external competitions and achieve awards 
Perform in major school events such as CCA fair, CNY Celebration, Speech Day, Aesthetics Night, and National Day Celebration 
Perform in external events annually
Watch 1 public performance or concert annually

2017 SYF Certificate of Distinction
2015 SYF Certificate of Accomplishment
2013 SYF Certificate of Accomplishment
Teachers-in-Charge : Ms Low Xin Yee
  Ms Zhang Yi
  Madam Zheng Xiu Min 
Dance Instructor : Mr Li Duo Wei

Total Membership 36
Average new members per year 9

Student Leaders    
Chairperson Koh Rui Ting 405
Vice-Chairperson Lee Jun Ning 411
Vice-Chairperson Alanna Tang Pey San 410

Activities for the Year

Type of Activity Month for Activity
CCA Fair (Recruitment for new members) January to February
Chinese New Year Concert
March Holidays Practice March to April
Speech Day Concert
Singapore Youth Festival (once every 2 years)
Singapore International Water Festival June
June Holidays Practice
Aesthetics Night (in SYF Year) July to September
National Day Concert
Teachers' Day Concert
Public Performance and Concert Appreciation
November Holidays Practice (for performance in the coming year) November