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The aim of QSS Choir is to cultivate students to develop a love and passion for singing through music appreciation and exposure and at the same time instill discipline, responsibility and forge life long friendships through the music circle.

  1. To mould students into caring citizens by giving them the opportunity and exposure to perform for the community and participate in community involvement projects organized in/outside school.
  2. To enhance students’ holistic development through the improvement of their singing skills by greater exposure to various types of repertoires.
  3. To build a sense of belonging to the choir through the various activities and projects organized in the choir.
  4. To enrich school experiences through collaboration with school partners and institutions and opportunities to participate in performances and workshops.

To achieve Certificate of Distinction in SYF 2015
To have at least 2 public performances every year
To attend at 2 concert performances every year

Teachers-in-Charge : Ms Serene Soh Huey Mei
  Mrs Wong Soh Hoon
  Ms Vanise Yap
Instructors : Ms Lim Huimin
  Ms Sheum Mei Mei (Pianist)

Total Membership 96
Average new members per year 29

Student Leaders    
Chairperson Zhu Zixuan 401

Activities for the Year 

Type of Activity Proposed Month for Activity
Mock SYF competition March
School Choir Exchange Programme
Singapore Youth Festival April
Aesthetic Night June
QSS 50th Anniversary June to July
SG 50 Public Choral Performance August
Let's Sing Together October to November
International Choral Festival Competition November
Christmas Carolling December