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Indian Dance


The ain of QSS indian Dance is to encourage young people to appreciate and promote cultural activities through dance. Learn traditional values through dance various Indian Dances to learn during dance lessons. Teach foot-drills for body movements for dance.

  1. Nurturing caring citizens to entertain senior citizens and the less fortunate, particularly at constituency events as part of National Day Celecrations
  2. Nurturing creative students to appreciate dance performances and to choreograph dances
  3. Providing a quality holistic education by cultivating in students' performance skills in dances and instilling discipline and teamwork in students through group involvement and activities
  4. Collaborating with school partners to enrich experiences in performance


Distinction Award in SYF 2015

Inter-schools Dance Competitions

Teachers-in-Charge : Mrs Raja
  Ms Surinder Kaur
  Mdm Jing Liyun

Total Membership 8

Student Leaders    
President Vanmathi d/o Porhcisaliyan 405

Activities for the Year

Type of Activity Month for Activity
Orientation Programme January
Singapore Youth Festival January to April
Speech Day
Aesthetic Night June to July
National Day Programme July to August
Preparation for next year's Orientation December