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Malay Dance

The aim of Queensway Malay Dance Group is to nurture life long learners, leaders and team players with character and leadership who are passionate and commited to the aesthetics especially Malay dance and culture.

  1. Develop in memvers basic skills and movements in traditional and contemporary Malay Dance
  2. Instill in members a sense of discipline, teamwork and commitment and develop them to become talented and thinking learners and dancers.
  3. Cultivate a sense of responsibility and develop leadership skills in CCA leaders and commitee members.
  4. To cultivate and instill 21st Century Skills among memvers so as to equip them the neccessary mindset and amilities as future leaders in the community.


Achieve as least a Gold Award in SYF 2015 2015.

Perform in school concerts: Speech Day, Aesthetics Night, National Day and School Visitors' Concert.

Participate or view public performances and concerts.

Teachers-in-Charge : Madam Kartini Bte. Djoeraemi    
  Ms Iryantee Bte Jaffar
  Mdm Esther M
Band Instructor : Mr Zairin Bin Abdul Latiff

Total Membership 35
Average new members per year 8

Student Leaders    
President Norazryn Bte Azrun 413
Vice President Nursyafiqah Bte Mohd Sarib 413
Secretary Hani Irdina Bte Rosli 412
Treasurer/Logistics Demelda Dellisa Bte Abdul R 412
Logistics/Make-up Reska Apriliani 412

Activities for the Year

Type of Activity Month for Activity
Sec 1 CCA Orientation January
SYF Practices and Preparation (Every 2 Years) January to April
Lunar New Year Concert February
SYF Rehearsals & SYF Performance (Every 2 Years) March to April
Preparation & Performance for Speech Day Concert March to April
CCA Stand down May
Holiday training to prepare for Aesthetic Night & Concerts June
Farewell Gathering for Graduating Students June
Hari Raya Concert July to August
International Water Festival July to August
VIA at Ghim Moh Elderly Care Centre August
Viewing of Public Performance July to September
Normal Practices and Basic Skills Training September, End October to December
Year End Examinations CCA Stand down October
Muara Malay Dance Festival at Esplanade November
AYE (Cluster S2) at Hort Park November
Holiday Dance Practices November & December