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Boy's Brigade

To develop every BB Boy to be an all-rounded leader who demonstrates Obedience, Reverence, Discipline and Self-Respect in all areas of life.

  1. Develop a sense of empathy and compassion among BB Boys as they are given opportunities to serve various groups of people.
  2. Develop leadership qualities in BB Boys, where they learn to take pride in their own work and gain self confidence in leading others.
  3. Develop teamwork among BB Boys through various organised activities, where they learn to work with one another towards a common goal.
  4. Collaborate with school partners and volunteers to enrich school experiences and develop the character of BB Boys through the different badge work and activities.


To consistently achieve Gold in the J M Frasers Award.

Teachers-in-Charge : Ms Chen Ziyun
  Ms Tan Wei Yi
  Ms Ethel Choy
  Mr Marcus Low
  Ms Looi Tse Theng
  Mr Howard Tan
  Mr Howard Tan
Captain Primers : 2Lt Lo Jengting
  CSM Nixen Samuel Gozali (411)
  DCSM Jabez Thian (411)

Total Membership 36 (Secondary 2 to Secondary 5)
Average new members per year 12

Student Leaders    
CSM Damien Toh 401
DCSM Jovin Syuryansyah 410
NCO Chairman Sean Tan 403
NCO Vice-Chairman Hansel Ong 405
NCO Vice-Chairman Ng Hsin-Kai 405