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Girls Guides

The aim of Queensway Girl Guides is to develop students into confident and responsible leaders, who have the initiative and care for others and the evironment.

  1. Enrich the learning experience of QSS Girl Guides and provide varied opportunities for character development.
  2. Instill the value of responsible citizenry and service to community.
  3. Maintain a high ethical standard based on the aims and principles embodied in the "Promise and Law".
  4. Encourage goodwill and understanding by establishing friendly relations with Girl Guides from other schools and of other nations.

To consistently achieve Gold in the Puan Nor Aisyah Award (PNA)

Teachers-in-Charge : Ms Murni Iryani Bte Mohd Hanafi
  Ms Thamizhvaani D/O Veeraian
  Madam Juanna Bte Jumari
  Ms Sia Boon Ping
  Ms Nerine Tan
  Ms Jaclyn Lee

Total Membership 67
Average new members per year 14

Student Leaders    
Company Leader Law Lin Hui, Eunice 403


Type of Activity No. of Times Month for Activity
Inter-Unit Initiative Activities 2 February: Valentine's Mosaic with Brownies
March: Tie-dye and Recycle Bag Making
Inter-Unit Campfire 1 May: Community Campfire with our Service Learning Partners
Hikes/Trail 2 March: Diary Farm Nature Park, MacRitchie Nature Trail
July: Heritage Trail 1 & 2
Unit Organised Competitions 1 July and September/October: South Division Day 1 & 2
Unit-Initiated Fundraising 2 May, July and September as part of their service learning project
Community Involvement 2 February: World Thinking Day CIP
Semester 2: Service Learning Project
Camps 4 March: 3D/1N Camp under canvas
June:Inter-Unit Overseas Camp
June: PLTC Camp 1; BP Quest; PGA Participants Camp
November: PLTC Camp; 2 Annual YEar-End Service Learning Trip


Secondary 1
Total Defence Badge (Bronze)
Entertainer Badge
Thrift Badge
Enrolment Badge
Cooks Badge
Handicraft Badge
Secondary 2
Traveller's Badge
SANA Badge
Total Defence Badge
Reader's Badge
Knotter's Badge
Environment Badge
Bronze Badge
Secondary 3
Traveller's Badge
Civil Defence BAdge
Pioneer Badge
Heritage Badge
Silver Badge
Secondary 4/5
Scribe Badge
Gold Badge
Total Defence Badge(Silver)