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National Cadet Corp

The aim of QSS NCC is to develop cadets into confident, self-directed leaders and active, caring citizens.
  1. Provide an opportunity to all NCC cadets to experience Cadet Corps activities and prepare male cadets for National Service
  2. Instil the value of responsible citizenry in cadets and engage them in service to community
  3. Maintain a high standard based on the aims and principles embodied in the National Cadet Corps Pledge
  4. Promote comradeship among cadets, enhance teamwork and instill in cadets a sense of commitment, pride and achievement
To consistently achieve the Gold Award in the Best Unit Competition.

2013 to 2017
NCC Girls & NCC Boys 
Best Unit Competition : GOLD AWARDS 

Teachers-in-Charge : CPT Ganesan (Commanding Officer)
  LTA Arthur Cheong (OC NCC Boys)
  LTA Philynn Tan (OC NCC Girls)
  LTA Elaine Yeo (Training Officer)
  LTA Finna Lee (Training Officer)
  2LTA Mr Enrico Tan (Training Officer)
  2LTA Mr Wilson Ng (Training Officer)

Total Membership 128
Average new members per year 15

Student Leaders    
Unit Sergeant Major (Girls) Goh Jia Li 403
Unit Sergeant Major (Boys) Nimoe 403

Activities for the Year

Enrichment Programme - Dragon Boating

SMART Programme at Singapore Polytechnic

Badge Attainment and Courses

Secondary 1
Total Defence Badge (Bronze)
PUB Course
Civil Defence Badge
Camp Gorge (July)
Secondary 2
SAR 21  IMT Marksmen Badge
Civil Defence Badge
Total Defence Silver Badge 
SANA Badge
NYAA Bronze Badge
Camp Steel (March)
Secondary 3
Specialist  Badge                  
Civil Defence Badge
Heritage Badge
Mount Ophir Expeditions
Adventure Course  Badge
SAR 21 Marksmen Badge
NYAA Silver Badge
Senior Spec Course
Secondary 4/5
USM /RSM Badge
Outstanding Cadet Award