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National Police Cadet Corp

To develop our cadets into confident, caring and self-directed leaders.
  1. Develop leadership and social/moral values amongst cadets through various opportunities and challenging experiences.
  2. Instill value of responsible citizenry in cadets, inculcate in them a sense of care and concern for others and engage them in service to local and overseas community.
  3. Develop our cadets to be active citizens and community leaders, by working in partnership with Singapore Police Force (SPF).
To build resilience in our cadets to face challenges and achieving excellence.

Teachers-in-Charge : ASP (NPCC) Terence Leong(OC)
  INSP (NPCC) Jimmy Ong Meng Guan (DY OC)
  ASP (NPCC) Chng Eng Peng
  ASP (NPCC) Jamie Wong Yoke Chee
  INSP (NPCC) Tham Yu Hsuan
  INSP (NPCC) Lim Mei Xuan
  INSP (NPCC) Luo Hailun
Cadet Inspectors : CI (NPCC) Darrell Chua Pheng Hann
  CI (NPCC) Yeo Jing Fen
  CI (NPCC) Yieo Jean Yi

Total Membership 100
Average new members per year 23

Student Leaders    
Overall-in-Charge Kendrick Seah 404


Secondary 1
Total Defence Badge (Bronze) Course
Crime Prevention Course
Police Heritage Visit
Police Knowledge Course
Road Safety Park Training
Sec 1 Affirmation Ceremony
Secondary 2
Total Defence Badge (Silver) Course
Police Knowledge Course
NPC Visit
Enrichment Course: P226
Unarmed Tactics
Adventure Training Camp
CD Course
SANA Course
Road Marshal Duty
1-Star Kayaking Course
NYAA Bronze Certification
0.22 Shoot
Secondary 3
Enrichment Course: SAR21
Home Team Gallery Visit
Road Marshal Duty
Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)
HomeFront Security (HFS) Course
Leadership and Mentoring Course
Survival Training Camp
NYAA Silver Certification
0.22 Shoot
Secondary 4/5
High Rope Challenge
SI Promotion
Best Unit Cadet Award