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Holistic Education

Through the school’s strategic review sessions at the end of 2010, 2012 and 2014, the School Management Team and Staff with the key Stakeholders (comprising School Advisory Committee, Alumni, Parents and Partners in education) reviewed the vision, mission, strategic thrusts and direction of the school.
·         Envisioning exercise involving the SMC and then the staff and key stakeholders reviewed and crafted the school vision statement, charted the strategy map, strategic objectives and strategic directions for the school.

Vision:Caring Citizens and Life-Long Learners in a School of Excellence

Mission: Providing a holistic education to nurture caring, responsible citizens
                  and confident, life-long learners in a changing world

The refined Vision and Mission statement for Queensway Secondary School mirror the key attributes of C2015 (21st Century Competencies & Skills) and the new Desired Outcomes of Education, and continue to build upon the educative work of the past decades in the school.
·          The strategic focus in QSS: Differentiated and Integrated in Learning
  • Academic, Aesthetic, Physical: Experience, Excite, Extend, Excel
  • Social, Moral, Leadership: Engage, Enliven, Empower
  • The strategic development milestone of QSS: A high value-added school - A School of Excellence. We strive to develop QSS to become a Quality school with Quality Leadership, Quality Programmes and Quality Culture and Synergistic Partnership
  • The QSS Holistic Education Framework builds on the QSS Strategy Map, with the 4  strategic thrusts (revised in Nov 2014) that underpin the revised framework:

      ST1: Nurturing confident and critical learners
      ST2: Developing life-long competencies and inculcating values  
      ST3: Developing staff capacity to deliver quality education and service  
      ST4: Collaborating with school partners to enrich school experiences
  • The school motto: ‘Success through Diligence’ and the core school values of ‘Discipline,  Respect, Responsibility, Excellence’ articulate, reinforce and integrate through academic curriculum, school programmes, events and platforms.
  • Adapting and aligning the QSS Educational Objectives, Attributes and Experiences in the QSS Framework with Lickona’s 8 Strengths of Character and Practices outlined in the ‘Report to the Nation: Smart & Good Schools - Educating for Character’, the QSS Framework further comprehensively charts and maps the  curriculum and co-curriculum programmes and strategies to deliver holistic education in QSS.
  • Developing in QSS a Thinking and Quality School Culture of innovation and enterprise in Teaching and Learning, Administration and Service.
  •  Upholding the QSS Philosophy in Education and enlivening the principles.
  •  Ensuring and fulfilling QSS’s responsibility to community and stakeholders and enhancing her public image among current and perspective stakeholders, and the community.

The QSS Holistic Education Framework illustrated in the diagram gives an overview of the Curriculum and Co-Curriculum that the school strives to align and implement to deliver a holistic education as spelt out in the QSS Vision and Mission and nurture our students holistically in the different domains, namely cognitive, physical, aesthetics, social and moral, leadership and morale.
The QSS Educating For Character Framework gives an overview of the relevant and rigorous Curriculum, and the comprehensive, engaging and values-centric Co-Curriculum.
The Curriculum Approaches include Differentiated Programmes (Talent Development Programme, Subject Banding, English Ingenium Programme, Advanced and Elective Modules, Environmental Science Education as Applied Learning Programme, Sports for Life & Outdoor Education as Learning for Life Programme), Experiential Learning, Inquiry-Based Learning, Action Research, ICT, Habits Inculcation (including GEAR One), Values Infusion, and Various Modes of Assessment.
The Co-Curriculum Approaches and Programmes include Co-Curricular Activities (CCA), Student Leadership Development (SLD), Citizenship & Character Education (CCE),
Education & Career Guidance (ECG), Pastoral Care, Counselling & Discipline (CCD), Community Involvement Programme (CIP), Values-In-Action (VIA), Learning Journeys (LJ), Citizenship Education (CE/NE), and Trips for Internationalization Experience (TIE).
Through the QSS Experience, we aim to develop Queenswayans to become caring, responsible citizens and confident, life-long learners.