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Exam Rules and Regulations


  1. All candidates are required to be seated at their assigned desks at least 15 minutes before the commencement of the examination.
  1. Candidates who are late will not be given extra time.
  1. Candidates are required to place their Student Ezlink Pass on their desks throughout the duration of the examination.
  1. Candidates are required to write their names and index numbers on the first sheet / cover page of their answer scripts.  If loose writing paper is used, they should also write their names and index numbers on every sheet. 
  1. Candidates should use dark blue or black permanent ink in writing their answers.  Pens / pencils of other colours may be used for maps and diagrams only.
  1. Candidates are required to bring their own writing and mathematical instruments such as calculators, set squares, protractors, erasers and rulers, as these will not be supplied.
  1. No answers should be written in the left and right margins of the writing paper. Unless stated in the instructions, candidates should leave two lines between the answers to consecutive questions or consecutive parts of a question.
  1. Candidates should write on both sides of the writing paper unless otherwise specified in the instructions.
  1. Candidates should not, at any time, fold their writing paper. Candidates should not divide the page into columns.
  1. At the end of an examination, candidates should stop writing immediately when told to do so by the invigilator. If writing paper is used, they should arrange their answers in the numerical sequence of the questions, with the smallest number on top.
  1. The answer scripts should be tied together at the top left-hand corner with the string provided.
  1. Candidates should remain seated at their respective desks while the answer scripts are being collected.
  1. No candidate may leave the examination room before the scheduled time unless permitted by the invigilator.
  1. Candidates who are issued Multiple-Choice Answer Sheets (PMCAS) to shade their answers, are reminded that they should use a soft-lead pencil (e.g. 2B) to shade their answers in the PMCAS. A soft eraser should be used for erasure if they wish to change their answer.
  1. Candidates who sit for Paper 1 [N(A)- & O-Levels](composition and letter-writing) of the Mother Tongue subjects will be allowed to use approved monolingual dictionaries. The dictionaries used must not have annotations on any of the pages. Candidates will also be allowed to use handheld electronic Chinese language (CL) dictionaries in the examinations. The e-dictionaries must be silent and battery operated. The ear-pieces are not permitted in the examination venue.
  1.  A candidate may be expelled from the examination room, refused entry for subsequent papers and/or have his / her papers cancelled if he /she:

    1. has committed an act of dishonesty; OR
    2. attempts to obtain or offer unfair assistance; OR
    3. copies from another candidate or allows his / her answers to be copied by another candidate; OR
    4. talks to, attempts to communicate with or disturb other candidates in the examination room; OR
    5. writes offensive materials in answer scripts; OR
    6. removes from the room any answer book, writing paper, rough work and other used or unused exam stationery; OR
    7. possesses electronic devices (e.g. pocket PC, PDA, MP3, iPOD), communication devices (e.g. pagers, mobile phones) and computerised aids (e.g. computerised wrist-watches) capable of storing, displaying and/or transmitting visual and verbal information; OR
    8. possesses unauthorised materials. Unauthorised materials include books, notes, memoranda or any other items such as folders, papers, pictures and rubber ink stamps.