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Craft & Technology


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The department mission is to future-proof Queenswayans by developing them to be reflective life-long learners and empathetic problem solvers with and appreciation for the aesthetics.


  • Reflective Life-long Learners
  • Empathetic Problem Solvers
  • Appreciation for the Aesthetics


The department consists of four curriculum subjects; Art, Design & Technology, Music and Nutrition & Food Science. While each has a distinct pedagogy prescribed by their relevant syllabus, as a department, our distinct pedagogy is Experiential Learning.

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ICT is used mainly as an enabler for students to continue to learn or in some cases, relearn outside of curriculum time. Depending on the subject, ICT were also used for research and collation of data (D&T and NFS) or making of Art (Art and Music).

C&T subjects are skills based in nature. Students hardly “produce” the same product in their learning. Every student, regardless of ability, interest or readiness would be stretched to achieve highest level of attainment that they can.

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Guiding students to submit art pieces for external competitions and internal exhibitions

Guiding students to Annual D&T Awards (by DT Unit and DTES) and Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award.

Music Mentorship Programme (with ACS(I)), Prep Classes for MEP Applicants, Guiding and Monitoring successful MEP applicants.

Participation in external competitions 
(None of 2020 due to COVID-19)


The subject is predominantly coursework based. This means that students are assessed over a period of time, on their processes instead of the product.