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The Humanities Department in Queensway Secondary School comprises the Humanities Subjects (History, 
Geography, Social Studies) and the Commerce Subjects (POA).

Central to Humanities education in Queensway Secondary School is the Humanities Inquiry Approach, which seeks to promote learning through inquiry. The process entails looking at 

a. the elements of Inquiry,   
b. the process and inquiry and
c. the culture inquiry.

As participants in the inquiry process, students learn to explore the interaction process between people and their environment, as well as the past and the present.  


Towards supporting the inquiry approach, ICT is used as a means of promoting collaboration among students, scaffolding concepts, formative assessment and self-directed learning. Towards this end, use of ICT tools to promote the stated objectives include Kahoot as a gauge of student learning, and the use of SLS and Nearpod to introduce new concepts to students, as well as to allow for independent learning. 


Differentiated Instruction within the Humanities Department focuses on differentiation in pedagogy and content. Within the classroom, different levels of scaffolding may be introduced to cater for differing student abilities. Also, content for classwork activities are also differentiated, and students of mixed abilities may also use the differentiated content within a gamification setting, as made possible within the social studies classroom.  

Learning Social Studies through Games.jpg


Students with passion and aptitude in the humanities get opportunities to take part in national-level competitions. These competitions include the NUS Geography Challenge and the MOE History Challenge. Students also get to engage in real-life learning through learning journeys, such as visits to Parliament House on Sitting Days in Parliament.

Istana Challenge.jpg
The Humanities Week is carried out each year to showcase student learning and promote national and global awareness. Through the showcase of student projects from the Humanities and Commerce subjects, students get to learn more about Singapore and the world we live in.  


Towards promoting inquiry learning, formative assessment within the department takes place across all levels. Students at lower Secondary take part in Historical and Geographical Inquiry, while those in Upper Secondary also engage in inquiry tasks for Social Studies.