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Mother Tongue


To nurture Queenswayans to learn, understand and appreciate Mother Tongue languages and immerse in the culture. 

  1. Build up 21CC Skills and impart values in the process of MTL teaching and learning. 
  2. Promote the use of MTL languages in daily lives where students are having the abilities and willingness to read, write and converse in their MTL confidently. 

Learner Outcomes
  • Confident & effective learner and user of the language
  • Awareness of cultural uniqueness and differences to instil sense of belonging


Distinct Pedagogies 
We engage students and instil joy of learning through Cooperative Learning.
Students work in pairs or teams for discussion to promote thinking and learning. Knowledge and skills are built up through the exchange of ideas. Peer assessment is one the strategies adopted for Assessment for Learning.

Other distinct pedagogies
  • Differentiated Instructions for Diverse Learners
  • Making Thinking Visible (MTV)


We created various learning packages on SLS to provide enriching learning experiences to students and nurture self-directed learners.
  • Oral practices with differentiated activities using Audio Recording for reading aloud and conversation.
  • Comprehension Exercise to promote self-directed learning

We expose students with current issues by designing learning tasks using Zbcomma to promote 21CC.

Various ICT tools have been used to leverage learning for example Kahoot, Pixton, Quizlet, Google Map, Peardeck, Zoom Conference Tool, Google Drive for students’ work submission etc.

Working in the department professional learning team, we co-design lesson plan and come up with effective strategies to promote differentiated learning in our classroom. 



We designed alternative assessments, e.g. oral presentation, project work, storybook review, preparation of portfolio, design posters/comics, gamification, online quizzes to engage our learners in authentic learning.