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Brief Outline

The aim of QSS Choir is to cultivate students’ musical development in developing a love and passion for singing through opportunities for the study, appreciation and therapeutic use of music. At the same time, to instil discipline, responsibility and forge life-long friendships through the music circle.

Main Activities

Under the baton of our conductor, Ms Lim Huimin, QSS choristers will be participating in various internal and external events in 2018. Apart from participating in school concerts, QSS Choir will be participating in Exchange Programme with other school and organisations, undergoing Master Classes to equip and enhance our choristers with the musical talents. To further enrich our experience in the presentation of music, QSS Choir will also participating in the SYF Evolution! Finale as well as Singapore International Choral Festival Competition in July. We will also be attending musical concerts to broaden our exposure in the music arena.



SYF (Distinction)


SYF (Accomplishment)


SYF (Accomplishment)