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Brief Outline

Queensway Hockey aims to promote and develop a strong sense of social skills such as teamwork, communication and individual persistence, but also proves to be an enjoyable activity that focuses on developing speed, hand-eye coordination and cardiovascular performance.

Main Activities

  • To empower members with the knowledge and understanding of how the game is played.
  • To encourage our members to embrace the values of team spirit and determination, learning to enhance these quality life skills.
  • To create opportunities for members to participate in the numerous competitions available to expose them to the rigour of competition.
  • To promote an interest in sport to develop life-long recreation interests and to nurture a healthy lifestyle.
  • To strengthen and maximise the potential of our members in the areas of discipline, responsibility, sportsmanship and leadership.
  • Through a comprehensive and structured training programme, members will enjoy the opportunity to participate in holiday training camps and learning journeys.