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Sepak Takraw

Brief Outline

The sepak takraw programme at Queensway aims to build character through playing the game. Students are taught the rules of the game through experiential learning. As players, they learn to strive for excellence, by working as a team and valuing each and every point. As umpires, they learn responsibility and accountability when they keep score for their fellow team-mates. True to the school’s motto of Success through Diligence, students are expected to adopt a hardworking disposition both at training and in competition. Whilst winning is indeed important, sportsmanship and playing by the rules are emphasized even more.

Main Activities

Training is conducted twice weekly focusing on technical skills, mental toughness, physical strength and flexibility. The B Division takes part in the National Schools Sepak Takraw tournament held in the first semester, while the C Division tournament is held in semester two. Leading up to this, players play in a series of friendly matches that help hone their sepak takraw skills.



National Champions (B Div)
National Champions (C Div)


National Champions (B Div)


National Champions (B Div)
National 3rd  (C Div)