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Brief Outline

Queensway Volleyball students are committed to developing themselves and their team members holistically. Our primary objectives are to nurture in students a life-long passion for the sport and to instil self-discipline. Beyond that, we also strive to develop the character and leadership abilities of our players and to foster team bonding and friendships through our various activities.

Main Activities

Queensway's Volleyball provides a vibrant and enriching experience for our students. Our boys and girls consistently demonstrate passion, perseverance and team work in our regular trainings. Students develop a spirit of excellence and sportsmanship through their participation in national schools competition and invitational competitions. Camps and service learning opportunities allow our players to foster close friendships, to lead and to strengthen their various strengths and talents.



C Boys - South Zone 3rd

B Girls - South Zone 4th

C Girls - South Zone 2nd


C Boys - South Zone 3rd

B Girls - South Zone Champion


B Boys - South Zone 4th

C Boys - South Zone 2nd

B Girls - South Zone Champion

C Girls - South Zone 4th