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National Cadet Corps


LTA (NCC) Philynn Tan (Commanding Officer)
LTA (NCC) Looi Tse Theng
LTA (NCC) Kasthuri Davaraj
Mr Makoto Kawaguchi

Unit Sergeant Major: 
Msg (Ncc) Tan Jia Jin (401)

Asst Unit Sergeant Major: 
Msg (Ncc) Muhammad Rizkina Oemar (404)

Queensway NCC’s vision follows the Cadet Strong framework, which aims to develop all cadets to have a resilient mind, a fit body and a committed heart. This has been especially important owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen many activities curtailed due to safe distancing measures.

Total Defence
The NCC joined forces with the NPCC to learn more about Total Defence. New Cadet Leaders from the Sec 3 platoons of both CCAs instructed their juniors from Sec 1 and 2 in the rationale and importance of Total Defence, planning and executing online lessons over the Zoom platform. Cadets were rewarded with the Total Defence (Bronze, Silver and Gold) proficiency badges.

Junior Cadets from the Sec 1 platoon underwent Camp FORGE from their homes this year. The platoon learnt more about the NCC’s History, Vision and Mission, as well as about the Corps’ Core Values. Cadets also experienced important aspects of NCC culture, including the NCC Song and Pledge. Another highlight of Camp FORGE was an at-home Physical Training session, with cadets building their fitness by exercising over Zoom with their cohort mates.

One of the key NCC Core Values is that of leadership, and Senior Cadets from the Sec 2 platoon were exposed to robust discussion on the nature of leadership as part of their online Camp STEEL. This module helped to prepare them for their eventual role as Cadet Leaders in the CCA. In addition to this, the cadets experienced lessons in orienteering and camp craft, learning how to read maps and tie different kinds of knots and lashings.

Specialist Assessment
Cadet Leaders from the Sec 3 platoon put their leadership skills in action by planning and conducting the Total Defence lessons for their juniors. In addition to this, they learnt more about Individual Field Craft in a military setting online, including the use of signals and the conduct of fire movement. The Cadets also had the opportunity to undergo weapons training by learning the technical handling of the SAR-21 rifle, as well as the planning and execution of an Urban Operations mission in school.

To recognise the achievements of the CCA, Queensway NCC were awarded a Distinction for the NCC Unit Recognition 2019.