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English Language & Literature Department

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The QSS ELL Department believes that every Queenswayan has the capacity to be developed and stretched to achieve his potential in the learning of the English Language. As English is the international lingua franca of diplomacy, business, science and technology, our students need to be equipped with the necessary skills to thrive in an increasingly competitive international environment, the department strives to nurture ‘Avid Readers, Confident Speakers and Fluent Writers’.

QSS EL Teachers are aware that a proficient command of the language will enable pupils to access, process, keep abreast of information and flourish in the 21st century. To this end, teachers use questioning techniques and focus on language rich lessons that develop our students’ communication (verbal and written) and critical thinking skills.

Besides using the English language to inform and educate, its ability to entertain and inspire are also focal points in the literature programme. Students get to experience English not only as a means of communication but as an art form where audiences get caught up within the rich tapestry of living and loving all that the language has to offer.

English Language and Literature Appreciation Week

The school celebrates English Language and Literature Appreciation Week every year in Term 1. Typically, during the week, the school will see a lineup of students performing poems and songs during morning assembly. Students are also tasked to bring a poem set on a theme for Poem in a Pocket Day, and their decorated poems are displayed in the library. During the week, we will also have Poetry Slam Competitions where students will compete in teams to represent Queensway at the National Schools’ Literature Festival. There will also be English Language competitions and a Poetry Competition inspired by thoughtfully curated paintings. These are just a few of the activities that are held during the week.

English Language and Literature Appreciation week is a truly dedicated to the love of language and literature, where the study of English is taken out of the classroom and into the hearts of the students.

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Reading Programme in Queensway Secondary

Joseph Addison, an English essayist, poet, playwright, and politician once said ‘Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body’. The English Language and Literature Department firmly believes that reading is important because it exposes you to new knowledge, gives you an insight into the world around you and helps you improve your command of the English Language.

In Queensway, reading is done every day at the parade square after the morning assembly for 15 minutes. On top of that, as part of the English Department’s Reading Program, the school subscribes to The Straits Times – IN Magazine. This is a supplement that is delivered to schools on Mondays and is not available to be purchased privately. The newspaper and the IN section serve as authentic learning resources and the content can be used across different areas such as English, Humanities and Sciences. The IN Magazine is used in class and complements the lessons being taught.

Besides reading the newspapers, Queenswayans are also encouraged to read prose on other days of the week. These books can be borrowed from either the school library which contains ample titles or the National Library. Reading is a critical skill in the 21st century and is the distinguishing characteristic that successful students possess; they are avid readers. The teachers in Queensway aim to develop that in our students.