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Humanities Department


The Queensway Humanities Department is composed of engaged learners and professional humanities educators, striving towards excellence in nurturing the Humanities Scholar in a globalised world.

The department encompasses various subjects including Social Studies, Geography, History, Principles of Accounts and Elements of Business Studies. These subjects enable and empower the students to strive towards excellence both in terms of character and academic success.

Using the Humanities Inquiry Approach, students are engaged in learning activities that allow them to explore the interaction processes between people and their environment; the past and the present, in order to appreciate complexities of the human experience and today’s rapidly changing world. Through this approach, students are expected to be a self-directed learner, a concerned citizen, an active contributor as well as a confident person.

Students are engaged in Geographical and Historical Investigations within the school and at venues such as museums (History) and tourist attractions (Geography). Students are given opportunities throughout the year to learn how to collaborate, to present, to use Information and Communications Technology (ICT) tools and platforms, and to think and write critically. These are skills and competencies that are necessary in the 21st Century.

Humanities Day
During Humanities Day in Term 3, students, especially those in Secondary Two who will be selecting subjects for their Upper Secondary education, get to understand more about the various Humanities subjects. Students’ work and projects are also showcased and shared with the rest of the school. Quizzes and games are also set up for students to participate and to learn more about Singapore and the world that we live in.
Elements of Business Skills Industrial Attachment Opportunities
Students from the Normal Technical Stream also get to learn useful knowledge and skills from the subject of Elements of Business Skills. In addition, students get to learn authentic business settings and apply their knowledge gained in school in the real world. This is done through opportunities for industrial attachments such as the F1 Grand Prix and in the hospitality, food and beverage, and retail industries.