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Languages Department


The Queensway Mother Tongue Languages department believes that the acquisition of Mother Tongue languages equips our students with real world problem solving, analytical and thinking skills, which are essential parts of 21st Century Competencies. Additionally, the Mother Tongue Languages department believes that Mother Tongue languages are key to imparting traditional cultural values to our students.

The deep and broad curriculum builds upon what our students have mastered in primary school and raises their competency further and equips them with the necessary linguistic abilities in today’s multi-lingual and multi-cultural working environments.

A variety of assessments which focuses on reading, writing, speaking and listening are provided to students to develop them holistically. The department’s dedicated and specialised team of teachers spend numerous hours ensuring that each individual child has the opportunity to realise their full potential and has the ability to express themselves fluently and coherently in a variety of situations and contexts.

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MTL Dept - Special Programme

To create a conducive environment to promote learning outside MTL class and school, the MTL dept adopts an integrated approach in incorporating enrichment programmes into its overall MTL learning plans for students.

The department creates an immersive environment for the learning of MTL through a wide range of activities related to the Chinese, Malay and Tamil language and culture. These enrichment programmes are progressive in developmental nature, providing opportunities for students to deepen their understanding of their cultural heritage through enhancing their knowledge and skills in reading, writing, communication and appreciation of cultural practices and traditions.

Examples of the enrichment activities are:

  • Bean Painting
  • Traditional medicinal treatments : Traditional Chinese Medicine & Malay herbal remedies
  • Learning journeys to places of cultural significance
  • Language quizzes and games
  • Cultural musical instruments
  • Murasu Anjal Tamil typing skills
  • Traditional games
  • Cultural practices