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CCE Modules

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) is a structured curriculum for values inculcation and life skills enhancements.  At Queensway Secondary School, our students learn to be responsible towards their family and the community and to help them grow to become caring responsible citizens and confident lifelong learners.

Explicit CCE Lessons cover themes that build strength of character so that students can influence others positively. The lessons also highlight the interconnectedness in the learning and application of values, knowledge and skills across different contexts and situations in life. Lessons are structured in a progressive manner, guided by moral, cognitive and psycho-social development theories to ensure the lessons are age-appropriate. The themes are:
  • The Leader Within
  • Family Our Foundation
  • Being a Positive Influence
  • Thinking Heart, Feeling Mind
  • You and I in Community
  • This is Home, Truly
  • The World in Singapore

CCE Guidance Modules on Education and Career Guidance, Sexuality Education and Cyber Wellness address specific issues associated with child and adolescent development.