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Community Involvement & Values-in-Action

In line with our School’s Vision and Mission in moulding our students into caring citizens, well thought through programmes and activities are planned for all students from Secondary 1 to 4. A strong and vibrant 9- member team comprising of teachers from various disciplines, plans, implements and assesses all VIA programmes. The team identifies a focus for each level and programmes are planned to achieve the level focus. The 3Rs (Ready, Render, and Reflection) process is used to plan and execute the programmes.
In addition, the team creates signature programmes to promote volunteerism so as to encourage passionate students to serve, care and benefit others such as our inaugural VIA Service Learning cum cultural immersion trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia involving 31 students and 4 teachers was organised in June 2014.

Programmes for the different levels

Level     Area of Focus Types of Involvement Beneficiaries
Sec 1 Home and School
  1. School Fun Fair
  2. Adopt a corner
  3. Checklist for Parental input on students behaviour at home
    (intent is to help teachers understand students better, Sharing by top 5 students during Level contact time )
  • CCE Partnership with parents
  • Youths
  • School 
Sec 2 Community (Starting with Queenstown estate)
  1. Community Service Day Projects with
    • Queenstown Elderly Centre
    • Childcare Centre
  2. School Fun Fair 
  • Senior Citizens
  • Youths
Sec 3   Singapore and Global
  1. Student- led VIA Projects  
    (teachers as advisors, Led by student VIA  champions)
  2. VIA Overseas Trip - Cambodia
  • Community/ Singapore/World
Sec 4&5  Singapore Identity (Anchor back to Singapore)
  1. Social Awareness Day 
    (Newspaper Collection)
  • Community
  • Environment