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Student Leadership Development

Our philosophy of student leadership development is guided by the following beliefs:

  • Every student has the potential to be developed as a leader
  • Leadership entails confidence and taking the initiatives to make a positive difference
  • Student leadership development needs to be intentional

Our approach to student leadership curriculum development centres on the 7 Pillars of Servant Leadership with alignment to Thomas Lickona’s 8 Strengths of Character.

The Lower Secondary curriculum is based on the idea of “Unleashing the Servant Leader in You” and “Everyday Leadership”. The curriculum aims to convince students that each and every one of them has leadership potential that can be tapped every day and leadership is not solely the leading of big events (Servant Leadership). Students will learn the fundamental of skills needed to be a leader and will be able to use them effectively to manage themselves and others.

The Upper Secondary curriculum enhances the lower secondary curriculum where ‘self’ and ‘team’ leadership are introduced. At Upper Secondary, student leaders are taught knowledge and skills to support initiatives for active student leadership to make a positive difference in class, at home, within the school and in the community.  Hence, the key message to the student leaders is that leadership is not about positions of power but positions of positive influence.

The school has an extensive and structured system in providing opportunities for both broad-based and role-based student leadership development for our students.