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English Ingenium, Bilingualism & Humanities Programme

English Ingenium Programme

The English Ingenium Programme aims to nurture our students’ flair and passion for the English Language. Students will be groomed to be confident communicators and purposeful writers through our curricular programmes and out-of-classroom activities. They will also be exposed to advanced literary works that will deepen their intellectual growth and push them to think critically about the world at large. Students selected for the programme will attend plays and take part in national and international competitions to nurture their passion in the language. 

Plain English Speaking Awards competition 
National Schools’ Literature Festival: Flash Fiction 2nd Prize (2015), Unseen Poetry Debate Winner (2016), Set Text Debate Winner (2016)
Commonwealth Essay Competition

MTL Bilingualism Programme

Our Bilingualism Programme aims to improve our students’ language proficiency and prepare them for an increasingly globalized world. Guided by our teachers, students will hone their creative writing skills and publish their works in《放飞梦想》, our school publication. Budding student writers will be given the opportunity to join the editorial committee and represent the school in the SPH Student Correspondents' Club. To ignite their passion, students will also participate in public speaking competitions, debates, seminars and Learning Journeys.

"新蕾奖" National Secondary School Chinese Creative Writing Competition 2016
Inter-school Tamil Creative Writing Competition 2016: 2nd Runner up 
National Sorrkalam Debate Competition 2016
Berita Harian Kem Obor 2015: 1st Position
Creative Writing Competitions: ‘Mencari Kristal’ and ‘Pena Emasku 2016’

Humanities Scholars Programme

Our Humanities Scholars Programme strives to nurture Humanities scholars who are confident and engaged learners, critical thinkers with a lifelong passion for the Humanities. Students with a keen interest and aptitude in the Humanities are given opportunities to participate in competitions, conferences, and to observe Parliament Sessions at the Parliament House. They are also given ambassador roles during the school’s Humanities Week. 
NUS Geography Challenge 
Learning Journeys to Parliament House