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Math & Science Talent Programme

Mathematics Talent Programme

Our Mathematics Talent Programme strives to develop our students’ problem-solving skills and to cultivate an appreciation of the beauty and application of Mathematics. Students with a flair for Mathematics will be able to develop their potential through our comprehensive Mathematics Talent Programme. Our Mathematical talents hone their mathematics and critical thinking skills through participation in various enrichment activities and competitions.
Singapore Mathematics Olympiad 2015: SMO Junior - 1 Bronze, SMO Senior - 1 Silver
Singapore Mathematics Olympiad 2016: SMO Junior - 1 Silver, 1 Bronze, 1 honourable mention
ArithmetEQ Challenge Competition 2016

Science Talent Programme

The Science Talent Programme aims to provide budding Science talents with the opportunity to extend their scientific knowledge and interests. Interested students will participate in Junior Science Olympiads, the National Science Challenge or competitions organised by the STEM Shell Challenge and Polytechnics. Through such exposure, our students will see practical applications of Science and gain a deeper appreciation of Science and its uses.

Singapore Junior Biology,  Chemistry and Physics Olympiad  
2016 NYP STEM Shell Challenge on Data Analytics: 1st Prize
2016 Science and Innovation Challenge: Top 10
2016 SP STEM Shell Challenge on Solar Cars