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CCA Guidelines

Co-Curricular Activities

CCA is regarded as an integral part of school life in Queensway Secondary School. We have implemented a suitable programme consistent with national educational objectives. The school offers a wide range of activities and caters for the varied interest and abilities of students. Through participation in CCA, we hope to develop in our students a sound body, a disciplined mind, good character, leadership qualities and sportsmanship. Our CCA programme puts emphasis on teaching students skills, inculcating in them correct values and desirable social attitudes, and the provision for healthy recreation and enjoyment. Provision is also made for the training of the talented.

Students are to choose their CCA from one of these core categories:
 a. Sports & Games
 b. Uniformed Groups or
 c. Aesthetics
Clubs & Societies may only be taken up as a 2nd CCA, subject to school approval.

CCA Rules and Regulations

  1. All students must be actively involved in their CCA. A student may participate in a second CCA only if he/she can cope well with demands of his/her academic course and his first CCA. However, over-involvement is not encouraged.
  2. Attendance at CCA is compulsory unless students are able to produce a valid excuse.
  3. Students must be punctual.
  4. Only teachers may sign for loan or issue of any equipment.
  5. Students must be in uniform or in their CCA attire when attending CCA unless a specific activity requires a different outfit to reflect the school identity.
  6. It is the duty of every student to keep himself/herself informed of the various activities organised by the respective CCA groups.
  7. During competitions, participants must compete according to the rules of the event and obey the referee's/umpire's/organiser's decision. Fair play and good sportsmanship are regarded as top priority in any competition.
  8. Students’ CCA participation and performance will be recorded in the school computer systems. CCA Certificates will be awarded to all students when they leave school after 4 or 5 years of secondary education.