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Exam Rules and Regulations

Candidates are expected to comply with these rules and regulations.

1.        Candidates may be prohibited from taking the examination, expelled from the examination room, refused entry for subsequent papers, have his/her results terminated or a grade penalty, if the candidate breach any exam rules and regulations.

2.      A candidate would be deemed to have breached the exam rules and regulations if he/she commits any of the following:

a)    Possession of unauthorised equipment or device

·         has in his/her possession within the examination premises (e.g. Examination Room, Quarantine Room, Waiting Room) any unauthorised electronic, communication, entertainment or gaming devices capable of capturing, storing, displaying and/or transmitting visual, audio or verbal information. Examples of prohibited items include mobile phones, cameras, tablets, and smart wrist watches/glasses, pen with image capturing capabilities;

b)    Possession of unauthorised reference material or notes

·         has in his/her possession any unauthorised reference materials/notes even if the candidate does not intend to use them.

All stationery/belongings taken into the exam venue (e.g. pencil case, calculator cover, cover for ruler, entry proof) must not    have any unauthorised notes/information written on them. Candidates must also ensure they do not have any information or notes written on any parts of their body (e.g. hands and thighs); Examples of prohibited items include conversion table/mathematical formula sheet enclosed in or printed on the mathematical instrument box, any study notes or any exam question papers.

c)    Inappropriate personal conduct during examination

·         communicates or attempts to communicate with any other candidate/person inside or outside the examination room during the examination or any other occasion when communication with any other candidate/person is strictly prohibited (e.g. during group movement to the quarantine area);

·         obtains or attempts to obtain or offers assistance on the examination material (e.g. copying) during the examination;

·         commits or attempts any acts of dishonesty, or the abetment of such acts;

·         writes any offensive or obscene materials in his/her answer scripts;

·         exhibits improper conduct or misbehaviour during the examination (e.g. disrupting other candidates, taking toilet break without approval or unescorted, not obeying instructions from invigilators);

·         reports late for examination without any valid reason or leaves the examination room or quarantine room before the end of the examination without permission.

·         starts writing before the announcement to do so, or continues to write after the stop writing announcement had been made;

d)    Removal of exam material/stationery without permission

·         takes away from the examination room any answer booklet, writing paper, storage devices and other used or unused exam  stationery;

3.      Use of Scientific Calculators and Dictionaries

          The following rules are to be adhered to where the use of scientific calculators and dictionaries are allowed in examinations.

          A candidate who does not adhere to the rules will be deemed to have breached the examination regulations and may be subjected to the penalty measures in paragraph 1.

3.1. Candidates are only allowed to use the approved calculator models. Candidates are not allowed to share calculators during the examination.

3.2. The working condition of the calculator (including the power supply) is the responsibility of the candidates and any fault in the calculator will not be considered as justification for special consideration.

3.3. Any enclosed instruction leaflets containing any mathematical formula, conversion table or instructions are strictly prohibited, and must not be taken into the exam venue.

3.4. Candidates who sit for Paper 1(composition and letter-writing) of the MTL papers will be allowed to use the approved dictionaries.

3.5. Candidates are allowed to use handheld electronic dictionaries in the examinations. The e-dictionaries must be silent and battery operated. Candidates are advised that no allowance will be made for candidates whose e-dictionaries fail to function during the examination. Candidates should ensure that a replacement set of batteries is available. Ear-pieces are not permitted in the examination venue.

3.6. Candidates are not allowed to borrow dictionary from other candidates during the examination.

3.7. Candidates are only allowed to use monolingual dictionary during examination. There must be no annotation on any pages of the printed dictionary.

3.8. The possession of any dictionary in examinations where the use of dictionary is prohibited is an offence. Any candidate caught may have his/her results terminated for the offence.


1.      All candidates are required to report to their examination centres at least half an hour before the commencement of each Examination, in their school uniform.

2.        All candidates are required to be seated at their assigned desks at least 15 minutes before the commencement of the examination. No make-up time will be provided to candidates who are late for examination without any valid reason.

3.        Candidates are required to place their Ezlink pass or NRIC or foreign identification documents on their desks throughout the examination.

4.        Candidates with approved access arrangements are required to bring along the issued outcomes of their applications during the examinations. Candidates should present the outcomes to the exam personnel before the start of the examination to indicate the access arrangements granted.

5.        Candidates should only start writing/reading when told to do so by the exam personnel.

6.        Candidates must read carefully the instructions on the question booklets / answer booklets / Personalised Optical Answer sheets.

7.        Candidates should use black or blue ballpoint pen during examination and 2B pencils for shading of the Personalised Multiple Choice Answer sheet.

8.        Candidates are required to submit their answers in the language in which the question paper is set, unless otherwise instructed by the questions.

9.        Candidates are not required to copy the questions they are attempting. They only need to write clearly the question numbers (including the alpha character, if any) in the left margin of the writing paper and Cover Page (if applicable). No answers should be written in the left and right margin of the writing paper.

10.    Candidates should not, at any time, fold their writing paper.

11.    Candidates should not, at any time, use correction tapes or correction fluid on their answer script or writing paper.

12.    At the end of the examination, if writing paper is used, they should arrange their answers in the numerical sequence of the questions, with the smallest number on top.

13.    The answer scripts, together with the cover page (if any), should be tied together at the top left-hand corner with the string provided.

14.    Candidates should remain seated at their respective desks while the answer scripts are being collected. They cannot leave the examination room until instruction is given by the invigilator.

15.    Candidates are not permitted to consume any form of food in the examination room. However, candidates are allowed to drink water in the examination room. Candidates are advised to place their water bottles on the floor next to their seats in the examination room.

Extracted from SEAB’s Instructions for School Candidates 2016. 

Internal Examination Committee