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Dear students, 

Please receive the new Term 3 Timetable which is effective from 2 June (Tuesday) onwards, for all levels including the Sec 3s who would be on Home-based Learning (HBL) in Week 1. Please take note of the staggered school start and dismissal timings for your level as part of our safe management measures. Also, you would notice that there is a new bell timing and labelling of the periods.   For Sec 1 to 3, the Timetable is applicable for both the week with in-school lessons and HBL week lessons, i.e. there is no separate Timetable for HBL weeks. During HBL weeks, the periods highlighted in yellow would be online learning periods. Similar to April HBL, please refer to your class HBL link for instructions on all the lessons during HBL weeks.   Reminder: School reopens on Tuesday, 2 June.   

 Thank you. 

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